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Creating Your Goal Blueprint Part 1: Tips From a Life Architect
Having trouble creating a clear action plan? Visualizing your goals in detail? As a Life Architect, I’ve noticed that a few simple steps can change vague plans into a detailed blueprint, a clear vision of your future, and actionable plans.

Creating Your Goal Blueprint, Part 2: Tips From a Life Architect
Do you create wonderful goals, only to flounder when you try to make them a reality? As a Life Architect, I’ve noticed that this is often true – unless you’ve completed your goals blueprint. Learn how to create a plan to create sub-goals, identify potential obstacles and plan to overcome them to achieve your goals.

Holidays and Emotional Wake: Seven Questions to Create Calmer Waters
Are you dreading holiday gatherings? Hiding from parties? Avoiding the family? If memories of holiday turmoil past haunt you, try re-thinking your holiday plan.

Making Your Support Network Work for You
Feeling overwhelmed? Alone? Stressed out? Building and maintaining a good support network will work wonders. Find out how!

Mapping Midlife – The Magic of Friendship
Lucy and Ethel; Rachel, Monica and Phoebe; Betty and Wilma. What do they all have in common? They were – are – lifelong friends. Somewhere out there almost any day you can find a rerun of these great friends supporting each other, sometimes annoying each other, but always there in the end.

Five Easy Steps to Repurpose Your Skills For a New Career
Ready for a new career? Whether you’re re-entering, moving up or moving on, knowing how to repurpose your skills can open new doors. What do you already know that you’re not showcasing?

Retirement Destination – How Do You Know You Are Making the Right Choice?
Your retirement destination will have a lasting impact – especially as more of us can expect to live 30 – 40 years into retirement. Confused about your living options? Worried that retirement will leave you stranded somewhere you don’t want to live? A good planning process can save you from making a poor decision. Ask yourself these five unusual key questions to avoid regrets down the road.

Treasures Or Stuff? Sorting Through Your Parents’ Possessions
Faced with a house full of treasured possessions and no sorting strategy? These tips for facing a potential nightmare are designed to help you help your parents downsize or help your family cope with closing out their estate.

Visioning Your Way to Soaring at Sixty – Mapping Midlife
Flailing your way through your forties? Floundering at fifty? Creating a strong vision for your bonus decades can have you soaring at sixty and cruising through the next four decades.

A Vital Mind at Midlife – 7 Tips to Try Now
Looking good on the outside but feeling like your brain is letting you down? These seven tips will help you take years off your brain. Get younger now!

What Do You Believe? How’s That Working For You?
As the old saying goes, believe that you can or you can’t – you’ll be right either way. Practice reframing to make the impossible commonplace.

Not Your Parents Retirement – Did They Do it Better?
Don’t think you need to plan for retirement? When you consider that you may be healthy and active past 90, maybe you’ll decide a little planning couldn’t hurt. Discover why this is not your parents’ retirement.

Home Sweet Retirement Home – Making Decisions
Do you know where you want to spend the next thirty or forty years? If you’re not one of those lucky people with homes all over the country, you may be thinking about whether to stay put or move someplace else at midlife. Need guidelines for the decision? Look no farther.

Pension Sticker Shock – Don’t Show Me the Money
Sticker shock when you realize you’re pension-eligible? Learn how to recognize the five stages of receiving a pension.

On Resistance and Cats – How Hard Do You Resist Change?
How hard are you fighting change? Is it time to give it up?

Mapping the Second Half of Your Life – Seven Key Decisions
Want to soar through midlife and enjoy your bonus decades? Seven key decisions will help you map a fulfilling future.

Age Gotcha – What You See is Not What You Get
Should the mirror in your mind match the mirror on your wall? A cautionary tale and seven tips on making your inner and outer selves match.

Thou Shalt Be Awesome and 9 More Commandments For Mid-Career Women Who Want to Get Noticed
Feeling a little lost in the crowd? Need a little juice to revive your flagging career? Here are ten commandments to jump-start your engine!

The 55 Days of Christmas? Twelve Survival Tips!
The Twelve Days of Christmas are a thing of the past. This year, the season started on Halloween. Are you ready?

The ABCs of a Stress-Free Outlook
Take a quick look at cognitive stress management to clear away those negative thoughts!

10 Tips for Keeping Stress in Perspective
You’ve got to accentuate the positive; eliminate the negative, as the old song tells us.

Mapping Midlife – What Do These Women Want?
Ah, the age-old question. What do women at midlife really want? And is it out there? A short glimpse at services that need developing for this expanding, affluent market.

Mapping Midlife – Adultescence?
If you’re both confused and experiencing a sense of deja vu at midlife, maybe there’s a simple explanation.

Presentation Titles That Fill the Room
You may have designed the best workshop in the world, but unless people actually sign up and show up, that won’t mean a thing. Pick a compelling title if you want to fill the room.

Mapping Midlife – Discovering Your Legacy
What do you want to give back to the world? How do you want to be remembered? Knowing what you want your legacy to be shapes how you move through midlife and beyond.

Mapping Midlife
Want to soar, not sink at midlife? Learn the seven key decisions that will help you map a glorious future.

One Big Idea: The Keep-it-Simple One-hour Workshop Principle
One of the biggest mistakes you can make in creating a workshop to build your visibility and promote your business is the same mistake some of us make when going on vacation – overpacking. Keep it simple. Learn how to stick to one big idea.

Develop One-hour Workshops to Increase Your Visibility
Increase your visibility and client base by using a simple formula to create winning one-hour workshops. Just a few hours of preparation can garner you big wins in interest in your product or services.


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