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Fifty Over Fifty

Release your wise, wild and wonderful self! This unique guide, drawn from the life stories of fifty women, shows you how. The Fifty come from all walks of life, from Fortune 100 executives to entrepreneurs, to a home health aide, and a retired sales representative. Collectively, they have faced job loss, career/family stress, divorce, terminal illness, and widowhood. Thought-provoking questions for reflection and exercises throughout will get you moving forward in your own journey.
(Paperback; $15.99)

Mapping Midlife: Sensational at Sixty

Do you want a sensational life? Whether you’re 40 or 60, this guide will take you step by step through a blueprint for creating your ideal life.
(Kindle Edition; $4.99)

The One-Hour Workshop: Everything You Need to Create Winning Workshops and Raving Fans

Ready to wow your audience? Step-by-step instructions and worksheets take you from setting your focus and creating presentation titles that fill the room through a presentation design that wins raving fans, ending with evaluations that build your client base.
(Kindle Edition; $7.99)

Life Design Blueprint Playbook

Just as blueprints help you create a house, Life Blueprints provide you with a detailed look at your own life and step-by-step plans for creating the life of your dreams.
(Kindle Edition-$5.99; Paperback-$14.95)